About Marcos...

The first music that Marcos heard was the classical music played by his mother and the Latin recordings played by his Argentine father.


His earliest influence to popular music was his older brother of 11 years Michael.  Michael, an accomplished drummer would let young Marcos sit on his lap as he played along to the recordings of Ray Charles, James Brown, Lonnie Mack, and other Blues, Soul, and R&B artists from the late 50’s early 60’s.


Later he heard the music of The Beatles and started to take interest in the guitar, when he heard Jimi Hendrix... that's when he started serious.


After extensive touring early in his career, Marcos returned to his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio to concentrate on recording, writing, and producing his own music. He founded the band  The Bluebirds.


Through his career Marcos has performed on stage with such artists as

Victor Wooten, Bernard Purdy, The Neville Brothers, Dave Mason, Kenny Poole,

Cal Collins and tmore! Today Marcos continues to perform abroad with Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky's finest, Including: The Bluebirds, Aja, a Tribute to Steely Dan, The Leroy Ellington Band, The Fabulous Blues Brothers ShowBand and more!


Marcos considers his most notable effort the formation of the group The Bluebirds. Over their 23 year career they have 11 releases, the group is getting ready to release their latest recording, and they continue to play live weekly, and have more projects in the works.


Marcos’s first solo release will be out in 2017.




When asked why after such a long career he decided to do a solo project Marcos said


“This is a departure for me, the dynamic of all the members working together to finish a CD project without killing each other is a lot of fun, and the dynamic of multiple writers on a project helping each other get our tunes in shape, or helping to create parts on other peoples songs is a process that is very fullfilling. That being said, I'm finding that doing all of the work myself provides a different kind of fulfillment, it really challenges me to be objective, and perhaps more creative."


It recently came to my attention that you are on the Greg Chaquico record.


How did come to work  with Greg who  is a multi platinum grammy nominated guitar player from the band Jefferson Starship.?


"My good friend Noah Hunt was going to sing on Greg's record, I was contacted to record him in my studio. We got the basic tracks finished but they were very basic. In order to give Noah more of a "song form" to work with I added some guitar parts, and some solo bits...When Greg got the files, he liked what he heard, so he kept those parts on the final release."